Jerry Woolsey: Recording Engineer
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Jerry Woolsey has over 35 years experience as a performing musician, engineer, producer and technician. As well as being the best of team players, he makes sure that all things technical are running perfectly to ensure that every project is done to the highest quality and on time. With Jerry at the console or keyboard, clients can rest assured they have a seasoned professional whether the job is CD production, sound cutting, broadcast advertising or a film mix.

His work with the exceptional Long John Baldry and The McDades garnered Junos for both. Jerry has recorded albums with over 120 clients including Cindy Church, Laura Vinson, Billy Joe Green, Marshall Tully, Maria Dunn, Steve Pineo, Doug Cox, Stewart MacDougall, Valdi and Gary Fjellgaard, Vernon Thomson and Suzi Ragsdale, Stony Plain Records and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Jerry has also worked in film post-production sound for years with clients including National Film Board of Canada, Karvonen Films, Alliance Entertainment, LucasArts Entertainment, Northstar Entertainment, Frame 30, Great North, Kicking Horse, and many other production companies.

Film and Video shows have included Bye Bye Blues, Due South, The Diviners, The X Files, Jake and the Kid, Kung Fu - The Legend Continues, Lonesome Dove, Medicine River, Moccasin Flats, North of 60, Ordeal in the Arctic, The Outer Limits, Pigeons and Doves and more.